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Award Winning BB-04 Fiesta ST180 350BHP HYBRID TURBO KIT Supplied & Fitted Deal

Award Winning BB-04 Fiesta ST180 350BHP HYBRID TURBO KIT Supplied & Fitted Deal



Introducing the long awaited BB04 Turbo for Ford Fiesta ST180 - The on track award winning #1 in Class Hybrid Turbo Upgrade KIT. (Recommended for the streets)




  • Motorsport Spec BB-04 10 Blade Hybrid Turbo
  • MS Anti Surge Compressor Housing
  • 2.5" Big boost pipe BBO Fitting kit 
  • Forge Atmospheric Dump Valve
  • Forge Boost Tap
  • Modified Oil Feed
  • Upgraded Motorsport Billet Actuator
  • High Flow Intake Elbow
  • All brand new turbo gaskets
  • Stage 5 MSD Remap - 330 350 
  • Specifically requires Vpower or Tesco 99
  • Ported and flowed turbine inlet and wastegate for increased boost control
  • Exchange turbo unit is required.


The BB-04 Billet alloy wheel size dimensions are as followed: 


Compressor wheel tips size - 47mm

Exhaust Wheel tips - 43mm


OC Motorsport Teamed up with the well known and respected Bernies Blowers to produce the astonishing BB0 (bee bee oh) range of turbos for the MK7 Ford Fiesta ST180.


With tons of development over the last 2 years we have established a turbo and mapping range that works brilliantly together making for some very quick and reliable cars on ROAD and on the TRACK.


Currently we have 3 versions of the BB0 range for the Fiesta ST starting with the BB04 for street use, the BB05 for track and the BB06 for Drag.


The base turbo is built using the TD04 as known in the Japanese scene. We chose this turbo unit as it is HIGHLY reliable and also runs big bearings, it also has scope for larger internals.


The BB04 is the first turbo of the range, the smallest turbo but not small in any way.


The power delivery is progressive, very responsive and with minimal lag. It’s the ultimate turbo for road cars.


Featuring an awesome looking Ported Shroud anti surge compressor housing, and billet custom actuator.


With Size 43mm Exhaust Wheel tips and Size 47mm Compressor wheel all fitted neatly into a bored out stock locating exhaust housing. This means you can use your original exhaust manifold and downpipe or the variety of options on the market designed for the original locating turbo.  With an awesome looking anti surge compressor housing and UPGRADED CNC machined billet aluminium actuator.


This is a HUGE turbo and as such it requires it’s own pipework to fit. We have teamed up with PRO HOSE by AIRTEC to provide a large bore intake elbow which fits to not only the standard crossover but also all stock locating crossovers such as airtec, forge and r-sport. 


The results and reliability speak for themselves with our OC Motorsport  Race Car having run one of the BB04 Turbos for the past 2 years. The race car runs through punishing 30 minute qualifying and 40 minute long races. Outright race wins and regular podium finishes show how good this ultimate package is.


(IN PRODUCTION) - The BB-05 turbo runs the same base as the bb04 but has larger internals. These internals are lifted from the popular and well repected gtx. This turbo comes on boost slightly later than the bb04 but when it’s on it comes in with a savage punch and pulls extremely hard to the red line. The noises this unit makes are like no other and people have described it as a jet fighter. This turbo is suited for fast road and trackday users with customers reporting “nothing overtook me all day”.


(IN PRODUCTION) BB-06 – well now we’re really talking, this is the best way to get a garrett ball bearing turbo on your Fiesta ST. 


Whats next? Well BB07 8, 9, 10? Yes we are able to spec our turbo setups to deliver to those power hungry customers – as you can imagine these types of conversions are bespoke and customer dependant so rather than list here we need to discuss this properly to come to the spec that suits you.


What seems like the impossible is possible at OC Motorsport .


PLESE NOTE : This is a Supplied & Fitted Deal, on purchase please call us on 01268 906380 to book your vehicle in. 

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