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Breedt CNC Billet Alloy Inlet Manifold ST250 + RS MK3

Breedt CNC Billet Alloy Inlet Manifold ST250 + RS MK3

Breedt Inlet Manifold for the ST250 and RS 2.3 Ecoboost - Breedt


  • Direct port methanol injection
  • Velocity stacks
  • Short runners
  • Intake insulator
  • Silicone 'o' ring seals
  • Stainless hardware
  • Runner and plenum interior surface to promote better meth and air mixing
  • Interchangeable throttle body mounts
  • Factory connections except stock symposer
  • Port to run boost gauge/BOV
  • Billet 6061 aluminium


Ths stunning piece of engineering from Breedt allows you to change the standard plastic inlet on your ST250 and Mk3 RS. This direct replacement part will ensure your car doesnt suffer the same fate as previous ST225 Focus by cracking the inlet manifold once the engine has been tuned. Further more this inlet has been desinged to allow the use of methanol injection and also includes a port to run a boost gauge or a bov without having to modify any of your standard parts. If your serious about big power from your ST250 or RS then the Breedt Inlet manifold is a must have for you, not to mention it will be a visually stunning addition to you engine bay, perfect for flaunting at car shows and meets.


**Please note for MK3 RS users there may be some small adjustments to the MAP sensor thread, This does not effect the part or car in anyway, mearly a slight design change from the ST250 to the RS manifold**

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