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Ford Focus RS MK3 Genuine Clutch Kit

Ford Focus RS MK3 Genuine Clutch Kit

Focus RS Mk3 2016 Clutch kit (Suits ST250) - Ford


  • Genuine Ford OE RS MK3 Clutch
  • Suits the Focus ST250
  • Stronger clamping rate for higher powered cars
  • Better feedback with uprated Slave Cylinder


Ford Focus RS Mk3 Genuine Clutch kit.


This is a full replacement clutch kit for the Ford Focus RS Mk3, a direct replacement for the original unit. It is compatible with the MK3 Focus ST 250 model when used as a kit. This clutch can cope with over 650nm so will be everything you need for your Stage 2 or stage 3 Focus ST250.


What is included ?

  • New Focus RS Mk3 Hydraulic Slave
  • New Focus RS Mk3 Clutch and Cover Plate
  • New Focus RS Mk3 Flywheel
  • New Focus RS Mk3 Flywheel Bolts


We advise the purchase of a new slave cylinder and a new dual mass flywheel when fitting a new clutch at the OC MOTORSPORT workshops. 

We would always reccomend the use of an engine mount with this Clutch kit as well.

    £1,059.18 Standardpreis
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