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Milltek Fiesta ST 180 Cat Back (Resonated)

Milltek Sport Fiesta ST 180 Cat Back Exhaust System (Resonated)

Milltek Sport Fiesta ST 180 Cat Back Exhaust (Resonated)


  • More Silencing than Non Resonated
  • Class Quality and Guarantee of the Milltek Sport Brand.
  • Gasket and fitting kit included
  • Huge Increase in bore size to 80mm
  • Cerakote Black Tips Available

So what is the difference between the two  resonated Milltek Systems?

Its all about the internal design of the full flow pipework . The Race Version has less silencing than the normal resonated..
The standard non resonated noise level is all taken care of by some very special full bore trickery within the single rear silencer box. Its not about restricting flow, its about reflecting sound waves internally  to create a perfectly tuned rear silencer.


Downpipe Additional Options:


  • Use your own Standard Downpipe
  • Milltek Decat Pipe - Removes the Restricitive Catalytic Converter (Please Note: This conversion removes the original Catalytic Converter for a decat exhaust system which will make your car incapable of passing the UK MOT Emissions Test and is not intendeds for road use. OC Motorsport advise for road cars the use of a sports cat to retain power and allow the car to pass the emissions test.)
  • Milltek Sports Cat - Removes the standard restrictive cataylytic convertor and replaces with a freeflowing Item. Will Pass MOT Emissions Test When Fitted. 
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