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Powerflex Front Upper Engine Mount Insert Fiesta Incl MK7 ST180 2025

Powerflex Front Upper Engine Mount Insert Fiesta Incl MK7 ST180 2025

Product Code : PFF19-2025




Powerflex front upper engine mount insert Ford Fiesta Mk7 & ST180 PFF19-2025


This is an insert to fit into the original mount to limit movement of the engine to provide stability under acceleration and deceleration.

Only 1 bush required per car.



It is a brilliant mod and makes the world of difference! 


At OC Motorsport we are increasingly seeing the drivers side top engine mount wearing to excess with huge movements which can cause a knocking noise which is particularly noticeable at low speeds over speed bumps. If this is left eventually complete failure of the mount will occur which can cause severe damage to engine, transmission and radiator. 


Fear not, at OC Motorsport we have installed this powerflex isolator bush into many MK7 Fiesta's now. We have even installed them into mounts which have more than excessive play and after have found them to not only be useable again but to actually be far superior than the original mount from ford with less play and a more direct feel. 

It can give a little more Noise Vibration and Harshness than the original mount but this is easily outweighed by the relaibilty and performance. 


This particular bush will fit the following vehicles:


 Fiesta Mk7 (including ST180)


You will receive:


  • Upper engine mount insert x1 (DIAGRAM 25)
  • Powerflex Keyring x1
  • Powerflex Sticker x1


£24.54 - sent same day if ordered by 1pm, on a first class recorded service which means you will usually get them next day or day after.


We also Supply and Fit these bushes at our Workshop, OC Motorsport.

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